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Q. The breaks between conference sessions will be 15 minutes, does that allow enough time for people to check emails etc.

A. Because attendees will interact via computer many will multitask, including monitoring emails while attending, so loss of productivity is low.   


Q. Are conference sessions able to be paused or will everything be live?

A. During the 2 Live-Days of the event, the conference sessions can’t be paused, however they will be available on-demand the next day.


Q. Will the exhibitor booths be open outside of the tradeshow hours?

A. During the 2 Live-Days the booths will be available only during the open hours so that the exhibitors will have staff on hand to speak to them.


Q: Do you offer accommodation options for out-of-town visitors?
A: No.  This is a Virtual event.  You don't need to travel to attend.